Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hips, Shoulders and Knees

While in Tai Chi class you are constantly being reminded to keep your hips to the front,  your shoulders down and relaxed and your knees aligned over you feet.

When talking about the hips being front .. we are actually talking about the Pelvic Girdle which is loosely referred to as the Hip Region.  In fact the hips are joints and are meant to rotate and flex… but not meant to rotate if the corresponding leg is weight bearing.

When we say shoulders down and relaxed, we are actually talking about the shoulder region and most specifically the trapezoid muscles.

An example of the pelvic girdle and a hip joint rotating at the same time and root leg being properly aligned would be during the transition from White Crain Spreads it's Wings into Brush Left Knee.  During the transition, while the right leg stays rooted and special attention is paid to the right knee alignment, the upper body and hips ( pelvic girdle ) turn to the front and the left leg ( empty) turns inward.

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