Sunday, April 28, 2013

Reasons to Study Qigong and Neigong

We practice Elemental Qigong, defined as "Essential" so we can connect to the advanced philosophy of internal development ..... Nei Gong. We gain strength and softness through Sung (tranquil) breathing directing relaxed, energetic and therapeutic movements. These movements incorporate all of the bodies joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles while energizing the spine and massaging all the internal organs. We effect the waste removal, immune and breathing functions of the body and ultimately regulate energy flow throughout the meridians of the body.

Using the Tai Chi movement Repulse the Monkey, as an example, we have the opportunity to take the connection, from Neigong training, and add the complexity of using all the rotational ability of the body, acute balance (walking backwards under complete control) while incorporating gross and small coordination, mindfulness, visualization, functional relaxation (not meeting force with force) and eventually having all guided by the pace of our tranquil breath (Sung Breathing). In addition we must accept what might seem as unnecessary minutia during training, as the essential exactness of Tai Chi. Simple things like where the eyes focus, expression, intent can effect postural awareness (alignment), which is a corner stone, the bed rock of all internal arts training.

By incorporating the internal principles and philosophy of Neigong (the Philosophical Art of Change) into our Qigong and Tai Chi practice, we can reach the highest levels of personal Internal Arts development.