Friday, June 22, 2012

What's next?

When a student says I'm Bored? or what's next?.. what they are  saying is " ok, I've been on this one move for 2 weeks ... how about moving on? "   Moving on for Empire Tai Chi students is based upon the quality of movement not quantity. This is a traditional Tai Chi philosophy that can be challenging at first.  However, soon students start to get measurable and highly predictable, positive benefits from their Tai Chi and embrace the qualatative concept as a basis for learning new movements. 

Often, taking a step back equals a giant step forward. Sometimes we will spend more time on a move or transition because the student is really connected and they have a chance to maximize principles at a comfortable spot in a form.  Other times we will introduce a new move to a student who is stuck,  because we feel the next move will help them get un-stuck.  These are evaluations we make as we watch students review on their own. 

When we know that a student's primary goal is stress reduction and relaxation ... and they ask  " What's Next ", we take that as an indicator that the student will be best served by slowing down in order to go forward.  

Every movement in Tai Chi and Chi Kung has enormous positive health potential.  If a students is driving him/her self to learn x number of moves in x number of weeks,  real benefit can come from the traditional method of learning Tai Chi.  No goals.  There is no end, only the journey ...

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