Sunday, March 11, 2012

What Moves First ?

Two ( of many ) Important Principles to keep in mind:

Keeping these two principles in mind when doing / practicing will help minimize the gross memorization Challenge.

1. All movements start from a movement from your center. Either an expansion, fold, bend, rotation ( with hips stable and front ). Your arms and legs have no motor of their own.

2. When your center moves .. whatever is not rooted will move. ( one thing moves, everything moves )

Example: In the Wu Chi - Tai Chi ( simplified introductory form ), when in Wave Hands Like Clouds Right, going into Roll Back. If you are weighted ( substantial ) on your Right, because you have turned and shifted Right … when you turn Left, keeping substantial Right, and with Hips front, your Left leg will be moved back and the virtual ball you are holding will be carried across your body and down to your side and a shift will take place as the Left foot touches the ground (under control).
This has all happened because you rotated your upper body left with your Right leg rooted

Example: From Grasp the Sparrows Tail, Ward of Left in the Traditional Yang Style, going into Grasp the Sparrows Tail, Ward of Right; the upper body turn to the Left creates a root ( 100% Left ) and creates the Holding Ball position ( a combination of turning and sinking ( with hips front ). The turn Right creates a step by the empty Right leg / foot and the empty arms and hands follow through 50 /50. The continued turn right transfers weight to 70% right ( a shift ) and the empty arms and hands follow. Keeping the Hips front allows for the Rotation of the center to create movement.

So … if you remember these principles it will help over come inertia and answer the MOST COMMON question asks by students… what moves first. Rotate and Shift / Rotate and Step. If you remain rooted ( substantial ), movements will / can be made under control while protecting the knee of the root leg.

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