Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Tai Chi, Self Defense, Ready Position

The Tai Chi, Ready Position:

Tai Chi players are always ready to execute a movement for the purpose of defending themselves from an attack. The Wu Chi standing meditation position, discussed and describe on this Blog is basically the Tai Chi ready position when there is a " street related " perceived physical threat. The exception is one foot is 100% empty ... and fully on the ground (the empty foot ). Any potential aggressor should have no sense that you are prepared to fully respond. Fully rooted on one leg ... arms loose at side .. a totally yin appearance.... but fully aware of the distance between you and the threat. You should keep yourself as far out of reach as possible. Back up, keep backing up, circle know where an exit or path of retreat is. Arms down and trying to defuse the situation through your words, body language and position. However as a Tai Chi player you know that a turn of your center will immediately move your arms and the leg that has no weight on it. This should only occur when an aggressor has closed the distance to you and you have no where to retreat. Your response comes only when an aggressor has committed themselves. Their body will probably be out of control and they will be reaching for you ... take what is given.

90% of avoiding an attack is Awareness and Avoidance. 

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