Saturday, October 22, 2011

Learning Life Skills through Push Hands

Push Hands is the practice of applying the applications, energies and philosophy of the Art of Tai Chi Chuan with a partner.

Tai Chi players learn to sense, neutralize and emit controlled internal force with the help of each other. The concept of a Constant Transformation from Yin to Yang Energy is mutually supported.

There is much misunderstanding about this Art. Many who see it, mistake the play as aggressive fighting and unfortunately there are those who practice it that way. However the idea is to sense and follow your partner's energy without resistance in order to deflect the force without losing your balance. In addition, it increases your understanding of the Tai Chi form sequence.

Tai Chi push hands promotes dynamic balance in both mind and body and requires total mind-body co-ordination and awareness. It teaches us to move and respond appropriately to all incoming energies from all sources. Whether it be a strike, a verbal attack, injury, disturbing news etc.

Through Tai Chi form training and accentuated through cooperative partner exercises (Push Hands / Sensing Hands) the basic Tai Chi principle of Meeting Greater Force with Lesser Force becomes the physical manifestation of a metaphysical concept ... brought to life. Not by lecture or a temporarily controlled environment, but rather by physically experiencing the concept put into practice. Through doing and practicing ( more on THIS to come) ... this concept, Meeting Greater Force with Lesser Force, can become the automatic response to excessive force.

Compiled and edited by Empire Tai Chi Inc

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